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Taking your dancing to a whole other level.

Let's go back to two years ago. Would you have ever believed if someone said to you that the world would face a global pandemic and it would change life as we know it?

Would you have been able to imagine not dancing for a year?

I'm guessing that the answer is no.

However, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?

Well, that might be the case, but the pandemic has been a challenging period for everyone, yet looking at the bright side, it has highlighted the importance of mental health for everyone, including dancers.

Now that many of us have returned to dancing, the challenges haven't stopped; in reality, they have become more severe due to the stress of being required to be back in top shape and stage-ready. Not sure how it was for you, but for me, it felt like we went from zero to one-hundred in about three seconds, plus the uncertainty of the current situation doesn't make the come-back any easier.

Does that feel familiar?

Well, if it does, you are not alone.

We dancers are used to a very demanding career in which the rule of "survival of the fittest" is still very much applicable. Being disconnected from our passion and purpose for such a long time doesn't make it any easier.

Trust me; I hit that wall.

Last April, I suddenly felt like I had nothing to give in the studio or on stage. I felt like I was only dancing to please others. What used to be my passion felt like torture.

As you can imagine, I was spiraling down a depressive state very quickly, I needed to leave my environment to get back on my feet. After a deep dive into personal develop

ment, I'm back in the studio, back on stage, and guess what, I love it, I fell in love with dancing like never before, and I found my true passion in it. As I have gained clarity on who I want to be as an artist, I feel stronger and more prepared for challenges.

Now you might be asking yourself, but "how?", well, let me share with you my secret. The short answer is... coaching. I wouldn't be able to move past my internal conflicts by myself

I realized that having someone who understands you, guides you through challenges

and helps you grow is a way to see beyond simply surviving and focus on thriving.

Finding my inner artist and reconnecting with my purpose wasn't easy, but it made me realize how I genuinely want to contribute to the dancing world.

I often notice dancers that want to grow in their careers but feel overwhelmed by internal and external challenges, I want to help them achieve their goals and, more importantly, achieve fulfilment.

After being a professional ballet dancer for close to 14 years in one of the best ballet companies in the world, I decided to become a coach focused on high-performance to give back to the dance world I love.

Facing many of these challenges myself, I made it my life's mission to guide dancers to success through my skill set and proven methods.

Every dancer is unique, so I build a personalized approach focused on their professional and personal development. The bonus is that all the tools and skills learned from my high-performance coaching can be used in all aspects of life.

Take a moment to picture this.

Imagine dancing with ease, having clear goals and values, and not letting the pressure get to you.

Imagine having confidence and growing in your dancing.

Imagine loving your body and feeling good in your skin.

Imagine having a voice and sharing your artistic contribution.

Imagine having no judgment of yourself or others.

Imagine dancing and still having energy for social life and love.

It's real, and it can be you if you are hungry for it.

It's the kind of growth you wish you had started earlier. Give yourself the gift of showing up confidently as an inspiring dancer and accomplished human being.

But what is a "High-Performance coaching Package"?

It's is a program of ten sessions for one hour each, one on one with me,

a certified coach, Energy Leadership Master Practioner, NLP Practioner,

and a professional ballet dancer.

The package includes the Energy Profile Assessment as a gift to you, usually valued at 200 euro. It includes a 2 hour debrief of your personalized results and lots of learning opportunities for yourself.

The package also includes educational materials, proven tools, book recommendations, and my support on the journey in between sessions.

Program outline:

* Energetic Profile Assessment Debrief

* Deep dive into Personal and Professional Challenges

* Getting Clarity, Setting Goals and Expectations

* Building a plan of actions and accountability

* Performance Dynamics and Energy influencers.

The program will be scheduled and accommodated within four months.

The "High-Performance Package" cost is 900 euro

As an introductory offer to all new comers , I am giving a 30% discount, making it only 630 euro for ten sessions, including an energetic profile assessment.

I am excited to show you the world of possibilities and how joyful a dancer's career can be when you have the right mindset and the tools.

If you want to make the best of your dance career and are done with the feeling of being stuck in your dancing, take action and hurry as this career is too short to waste time.

I genuinely wish I had started earlier on my personal development. I recommend you

book an introduction session, where I'll explain more details and answer any questions you might have.

As I'm still a full-time dancer, I take a very limited number of clients, so hurry and get on my shortlist.

I am so committed to making dancer's life better. I believe that together, we can bring change in our community, one artist at a time.

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