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About me

My story

I was born in Armenia, back when it was part of the Soviet Union, to an Armenian father and a Moldovan/Russian mother. At nine, I began my ballet training in Moldova. With my parents' incredible effort, we later moved to Munich, where I completed my professional ballet training.

After Graduating from Munich Ballet Academy, I struggled to find a professional contract. It took 2 years, 30+ auditions, and a lot of disappointments to reach my goal finally. Little did I know my hardship journey was just starting. The constant physical and mental pressure is not something they prepare you for in school, so for the first few years, I was constantly injured and mentally exhausted. It was pure survival, not much joy. I questioned myself a lot over the 15 years of my career: Who am I dancing for, and why? When I met my first-ever Mindset coach, I realized my head was not in the right place. I was doing so many things wrong. How could I be happy? I didn’t have an identity, and I ignored my needs because I was busy pleasing others. 

Today in the later stages of my career, I feel my best and strongest because my Mind is my biggest asset. I have emotional control and resilience and I keep my peace. I see my cup half full, not half empty. I have a special person in my life, and I get to coach Dancers and witness their life-changing wins. I honestly wish I started my personal growth sooner.

Having immersed myself in personal development, I wish I had started my self-discovery journey earlier. It opened new opportunities and helped me reach my maximum potential. I aim for every Dancer to experience the same level of peace and happiness that arises from a deeper understanding of oneself.


Let's work together, and let me help you see your Dance journey from a new, much better perspective.

My vision

The 10 performance disciplines

Naira Agvanean - Raymonda - Marc Haegeman - Dutch National Ballet - Het Nationale Ballet







Team work



Physical performance

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