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Auditions, the step towards your future.

Dear Dancer,

If you are reading this, you might be entering this exciting yet challenging phase of your life, Auditions, but did you know you can take your future into your own hands? You can do this throughout your auditions.

I didn't know or understand that I could be in charge of my future when I was a young dancer just out of school; even later, I still didn't realize that auditioning could change my career trajectory and help me grow as an artist.

It took me two years and over 30 auditions before I got a contract with the Dutch National Ballet. As I'm sure you can imagine, It was challenging, and it felt close to breaking my spirit, but I didn't give up and persevered until I figured out what needed to happen for me to sign a contract.

Regardless of what phase you are in, whether you are about to become a professional or looking to change companies, I have some game-changing ideas for you. It will help you clarify and understand what you need to do to take your future into your own hands.

So, let us start with a simple question.

What to expect from Auditions?

This might sound funny, but I say expect nothing, yet appreciate everything. You are in an exciting phase that will give you opportunities for growth and a better understanding of what you want and don't want in your future. It is almost like if you are looking to get into a relationship, haha 😆.

Think about it; you are indeed looking for the right match as a professional, meaning a long-term commitment to a company and yourself.

Auditions will vary from company to company. Some places are harder to get to without going through their school or junior company. In other companies, you will be asked to send your video footage before you are even invited just yet.

That might not sound great, but it can allow you to reach more companies, so start by doing the following:

  • Researching companies and their repertoire. Please find out more about their leadership too.

  • Find friends/schoolmates/colleagues; you can ask questions about the companies and what kind of dancers they might be looking for.

  • Prepare your application ( CV, Pictures) and have your video footage ready.

In my opinion, your Mindset is ultimately the key to success at auditions, and this is because an audition is like a performance. On top of that, it could last for many hours, and it's a high-pressure environment with competitive energy, so you must be prepared mentally to stay focused and creative. Also, be emotionally strong, and stay away from fear and self-doubt to ensure that you can physically be strong and at ease. Worry and negative self-talk will get in the way of you performing your best. Your best performance results will come from an optimal mental balance, ensuring stimulation, focus, and a flow state.

The Mindset must be your solid backbone in Auditions. It enables you to be quick, confident and focused on your presence because that's what directors want. Even small comparisons or judgments of yourself can affect your confidence and decisions in your dancing.

At auditions, there is just no room for that.

I am very proud to say that, in my "Auditions" course that I've created for dancers like myself, Mindset is my primary focus and is covered in depth. It would be best if you got to know yourself better to shine and present your best self authentically.

Are you questioning if your current company is the right place for you?

I'll be honest: Professionally, I only ever danced with the Dutch National Ballet, and I somewhat regret that.

At some point in the past, I had some complicated life circumstances that made me want to move away, and I almost changed companies based on those circumstances, but as you can imagine, those would have been the wrong reasons. So what I was hoping you could take from that is that it's essential to become aware of the underlying cause of your unhappiness if that drives you towards wanting a change.

Here are some questions to ask yourself about your professional life that will give you a clearer understanding of where you are.

  1. Am I happy in this company? If not, why?

  2. Do I have support?

  3. Am I ok with the opportunities I get?

  4. Do I believe I can make things better for myself?

  5. Do I feel safe and welcomed in my dancer's community?

  6. Does my current repertoire reflect my identity?

  7. Am I doing everything I can to be fulfilled as an artist?

You might not answer these questions as perfectly as one would want. Remember, it takes two to tango. The responsibility of being a happy and fulfilled artist doesn't only fall on the company. You have to do a lot for your personal development and career. Success is not only your physical ability.

My goal is to share my knowledge through my experiences and proven coaching tools with the dancers who desire to make the best of their present and future.

The auditioning period in every dancer's life is crucial and can make or break a dancer. I made too many mistakes, so I created the course so you can approach auditions with the confidence and ease I needed to learn the hard way.

I can't wait to Launch it very soon! So stay tuned!

Find my recent IG Live Post for the whole talk about " How to take your future into your own hands."

Do you have a topic interesting to you when it comes to Auditions?

Feel free to write to me.

Lots of love,

Naira Agveanean

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