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The TEN Disciplines

Based on my years of experience as a professional Ballet Dancer and a Coach for dancers, I have developed THE TEN DISCIPLINES, a concise set of principles that aim to provide dancers with a pathway to fulfilment in their dancing and their life.

Achieve your goals, create your own path and achieve personal fulfilment at your deepest levels.


Being dedicated to the art form and putting in the time and effort to develop as a professional dancer.


Being able to express oneself creatively through movement, music and choreography but also as a human being in the outside world


Being able to handle the physical and mental demands of the dance and the ability to bounce back from injury, disappointment, and criticism.


Being able to work well with others as part of a team and to support and encourage one another.


Being able to communicate efficiently and proactive to ensure good results and fulfillment.

Physical Performance

Maintaining physical performance is essential for successful performance as well as injury prevention.


Being able to focus and stay present in the moment during rehearsals, performances and in the ballet environment


Being punctual, reliable, and respectful of the choreographer, other dancers, the dance company and the ballet environment.


Being able to adapt to different styles of ballet, choreography, and performance challenges.


The quality of being thankful to ourselves and others and celebrating big and small wins along the way.

Learn how to live by these Disciplines

Follow my Instagram for tips and guides on how to live by the TEN Disciplines, and book a FREE introduction to coaching session so we can look at how I CAN HELP YOU.

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