Naira Agvanean

"I help dancers develop a mindset of elite-level performers so that they can feel confident and have the right strategies to grow as artists" 



My mission is to create a unique support system for all dancers to feel empowered and fulfilled on their beautiful journey to becoming the best artists they can be. Through high-performance coaching skills and my experiences, I help dancers to be in charge of their dance careers and life. 


Passionate Coaching Professional

About Me

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Being a professional in the field of elite performance for 23 years, 14 of which were with the Dutch National Ballet, has given me first-hand experience as a high-level performer. The discipline and perseverance that I gained from these experiences taught me that success takes more than just talent, but also courage, self-care, and the right mindset. Along the way, I’ve learned to have a balanced mind and body approach and my growth was obvious. 

 I am a professional certified iPEC coach (the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching). This is an ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited program that demonstrates the highest standards of professional competencies. 

Transformation takes effort and time, and having been through the process myself, I know that my clients can achieve it as well. I like to challenge my clients to achieve long-lasting results while being true to themselves.

My life motto says it all: "Energy attracts like energy."

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Here Is What Clients Have Said

I worked with Naira in the lead-up to several performances where I was dancing bigger roles and experiencing lots of worry and self-doubt. Working with her completely shifted how I felt. Through asking concise questions, she helps you clarify what you are feeling by tapping into your own resources, knowledge, and capabilities. I owe the success of my performances and the feeling of peace to Naira. Of course, she is also a professional, so she understands all the demands inside out. I can highly recommend Naira to all professionals and dance students.

Noah Dunlop