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Hi! I'm Naira

I empower Dancers to unlock their full potential through mindset mastery

Learn how to dance your best while you're living your best life.

About me

I'm a soloist with the Dutch National Ballet and a High-Performance Mindset Coach for Dancers. Growing for the last 15 years in the industry, I provide insights into its highs and lows.

I utilise tools and knowledge as a certified iPEC coach with the ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited program that demonstrates the highest standards of professional competencies and NLP Practitioner.

Having immersed myself in personal development, I wish I had started my self-discovery journey earlier. It opened new opportunities and helped me reach my maximum potential. I aim for every Dancer to experience the same level of peace and happiness that arises from a deeper understanding of oneself.

Let's work together, and let me help you see your Dance journey from a new, much better perspective.

Naira Agvanean Soloist
Naira Agvanean Coach


IPEC Certified Professional Coach
IPEC Energy leadership master practicioner

About you

Are you feeling the weight of expectations, battling through a competitive environment, all while trying to meet everyone's demands?

Or do you find yourself lacking motivation, feeling discouraged, neglecting your needs, and stuck in injuries?

Perhaps you're giving it your all, yet you don't get the recognition and roles you desire. The self-doubt creeps in, and you hesitate to ask for what you truly deserve because, deep down, you question your worthiness.

If any of these challenges resonate with you, know you're not alone.


I've walked this path, felt the struggles, and emerged stronger. That's precisely why I became a Mindset Coach for High-Performing Dancers.

I've supported numerous Dancers in discovering their mental strength and unlocking their potential, empowering them to navigate and master the challenges within our profession.

Ballerinas  - Naira Agvanean

​11. Achieving your goals in a sustainable way

​10. Becoming the leader of your own life and career

​9. Applying new mindset tools for growth as a Dancer

​8. Learning to manage stress and staying true to yourself

​7. Finding a balance in your life and dancing

​6. Discovering your voice and mastering effective communication

​5. Healthier approach to dancing and your body image

​4. Improved decision making and better focus

​3. Increased motivation and greater resilience

​2. Personal growth and alignment with values

Your possibilities

1. Self-discovery and self-confidence on a deeper level

You have the drive and the passion, but perhaps you're missing the direction, mindset skills, and toolkit to take the right actions.


With High-Performance Mindset coaching, I can guide you toward unlocking, embracing, and extracting the utmost from your dancing and life and achieve the following:

Success stories

Yvonne Slingerland
"I want to thank Naira, who helped me find internal confidence and raise my awareness of what I am doing and why I am doing it. The tools  I learned from our coaching sessions help me daily. I was able to find my identity as a dancer; it's all about perspective. Since our work started, I feel more aware of my feelings and emotions. I learned to listen to them and, if needed, let them go. I realized what my core values are and that it's all up to me and my mind."

Yvonne Slingerland

Noah Dunlop
"I worked with Naira in the lead-up to several performances where I was dancing bigger roles and experiencing lots of worry and self-doubt. Working with her completely shifted how I felt. By asking concise questions, she helps you clarify what you are feeling by tapping into your own resources, knowledge, and capabilities. I owe the success of my performances and the feeling of peace to Naira. Of course, she is also a professional, so she understands all the demands inside out. I can highly recommend Naira to all professionals and dance students."

Noah Dunlop

Teele Ude
"So grateful and happy I found Naira as my coach. I was looking for one and was about to give up, as the search of finding a person to feel comfortable with became very hard. Already, after a few sessions, I had tools to help me with my daily life. She finds connections that I had never made before. We never dwell in them but rather find ways to turn towards a fullhearted life and dancing. I can always write to her. After our sessions, there is so much happening consciously and unconsciously that I am very excited for all the changes we make and what I can turn my life and career into with her help."

Teele Ude

Louiza Avraam
"Coaching with Naira gave me even more strength to know that I made the right decision and encouragment to listen to myself. I am very happy I met Naira and got to where I am. She helped me realize many things and bring them out for improvments."

Louiza Avraam

Lindy Mesmer
"My work with Naira has been trully transformative. Through her guidance, I’ve been able to gain perspective on my past, develope tools for staying confident and positive in the present, and establish clearly what I want my future to look like. I finaly undestand my power as an individual and what my specific goals and priorities are in life."

Lindy Mesmer

Become a success story, book a free call and get a free coaching session, sometimes, you only need one!


  • I will introduce the concept of coaching and we will have a powerful c...

    1 hr 15 min

  • One-on-one audition preparation coaching session.

    1 hr 15 min

  • For professional and pre-professional dancers.

    1 hr 15 min

  • Discovery Call

    30 min

Naira Agvanean

My mission

I'm on a mission to build a one-of-a-kind support system that empowers dancers, putting them in the driver's seat of their journey. I've crafted and tested a framework to bring clarity to discover their path to success and fulfilment.

The 10 Performance Disciplines form the basis of my coaching work—a set of pillars that I'll help you integrate into your life and dance.

The 10 disciplines are a key part of my coaching methodology, so feel free to book a Free Introduction coaching session so we can explore how the disciplines can help you achieve your goals

Would you like to learn more?

The 10 performance disciplines

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Physical performance
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Team work
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Learn more

As professionals, we require a new level of resilience, adaptability, and dedication. We require Discipline and the right Mindset to achieve success and fulfilment. Unfortunately, they don't teach that in schools.

Let's embark on this transformative journey together!

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